Alot to write and express. It’s been an awesome journey so far. Well, I am talking about my journey in open source world. The world of free open source softwares. It all started one year ago. I just entered my college and was fascinated by the numerous opportunities it had for me. One of them was the world of open source. Icame to know about it on the day of SOFTWARE FREEDOM DAY which is the celebration of free software worldwide. FREE as in FREEDOM not COST. I was amused how my efforts can make a difference in lives of people. I started getting familiar with some terms that I heard IRC, VERSION CONTROL SYSTEMS, GIT, GITHUB. They were some strange terms to me an year ago but now they have become a part of my daily life :smile:
Then I heard about CONF.KDE India where KDE contributers gathered, discussed and spread awareness about some awesome projects in KDE. Some of them were Marble, Krita, LabPlot, Spectacle, Plasma Media centre and one of my favorites “GCOMPRIS”. What is GCompris? GCompris-Logo
GCompris is a high quality educational software suite comprising of numerous activities for children aged 2 to 10. Originally it was written in GTK+ but then it was ported to Qt due to its crossplatform nature and all the 140 activities are being written from scratch. I met various contributers from GCompris like Bruno, Rajdeep, Sagar, Sidesh. All of them presented talks on GCompris and how easy it is to get started.
I thought of some activites and posted my ideas on the mailing list. Fortunately Emmannuel liked one of my activity “Categorization” and proposed me some changes regarding it. “Categorization” is an activity to teach a child about categorising things. It tries to build concepts of a child by helping him/her to categorize given objects on the basis of various categories like color, nature, shapes etc. That’s how my journey started :) The community is awesome. I continued working on my activity and I always got help from my mentors. I would like to thank Johnny and Emmannuel who were always there for me. It happened at times when I felt lost but they were always supportive and that kept me motivated to work.

I applied for Season of Kde this year and got selected :)) My tasks for SoK are to complete the Categorization activity (images and words). The is how Categorization looks :wink:

Categorization Menu: Categorization

Categorization levels: Categorization Levels

Hoping to have a wonderful coding winter ahead :smile: